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Rabu, September 14, 2011

assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

hellu my dear,

hari ni ku asyik posting pasal artis korea aje kann...jangan maree ehhh...ku nk post lagu SUJU yang baru ni hah..mula2 dgr rasa cam tak best (jgn mare ehhhh)....tapi lama2 best lak..banyak kali menang dalam carta lagu nihhh...meh layannn...korang leh g kat channel youtube ni SMTOWN ok.

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

hellu my dear,

nak citer pasal Shin ae lagi..weee...

cerita dan gambar dipetik dari soompi dan twitter shin ae sendirik.

wahhh cantik walaupon tanpa bermekap...


Actress Shin Ae uploaded a recent photo of herself.

On August 31, along with a photo, she tweeted, "I'm bored so I'm doing this... Today's weather is so hot so I can't even go outside..."
As you can see on the photo, her face has not changed at all. Even though she is not wearing a stitch of makeup, she still looks pretty and maintains the clean complexion of a young woman.

Netizens replied, "It's strangely hot these days," "Your skin looks amazing!", "Beautiful as always."

Shin Ae tied the knot at the wedding in May 2009. She revealed that as of now, she is 5 months pregnant.
assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

hellu my dear,

hari ni nak update pasal artis koreaaa..heee..JO SHIN AE.. heee...dh lama tak dgr cerita pasal dia ni..lepas kawen terus diam...ok..

sumber gambar dan cerita dipetik dari allkpop dan mr google.image


Actress Shin Ae has announced that she’s become pregnant after being married for two years.

A representative for the actress stated, “Shin Ae found out that she was pregnant in June and is currently 17 weeks along. Rumors have circulated that she is going to have her baby next spring, but she’s actually due in January.
The representative added, “Shin Ae loves children so she’s really happy about her pregnancy. Her morning sickness was severe earlier during her pregnancy, but she’s much better now.
Shin Ae had married her husband, Park Jae Gwan (who is 5 years her senior), in 2009 at a private wedding ceremony in Seoul.
Source: Star News via Nate