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Sabtu, Mei 30, 2009

More Shinae’s wedding pictures

The news article reads, “5월 신부의 신애 ‘너무 행복해요’”

May Bride Shinae, “(I’m) So happy…”

And indeed she seems to be.

Her wedding was held on the 28th, at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul. Relatives and family reception at 1pm, then follows by 6pm reception for her friends, including celebrity friends from her ‘other’ side of the world ^^ Though as to now, I still don’t know who came other than these four people: Lee Young Ja, Kim Ah Joong, Solbi and Alex. Where are the rest of her WGM co-stars? Kim Hyun Joong? Hwangbo? o_O But I definitely know who didn’t come based on pictures from Seol Kyung Gu-Song Yoon Ah’s wedding.