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Sabtu, Januari 16, 2010

Loveholic- Flower Pot *English subs*

you..have had my heart from the first time..
you made me suffer from an incurable disease..

Solbi (솔비) - You Will Be Punished (벌 받을 거야) MV (en sub)

SolBi 솔비 -- Like A Star -- 별처럼 -- 081003

Its so far from you,
that very blurry starlight.
I cant give you enough light.
I always felt sorry because my eyes were clouded.

From now on,
I will forget you forever.
You can pretend not to know me forever.
For your happiness,
I have to leave you.
I will always shine for you.
I will call your name from afar, all alone.
All for the sake of my love for you,
please let me leave you quietly.

Even if you go very far,
please look up at the night sky once in a while.
Beautiful love like a star.
When you lost your way,
it will protect you from a distant.

Just like that,
I will watch over you forever.
I will live a life without you like a star.
To have a bright love,
please look for a person like the sun.
I will sparkle a little for you,
so that you can forget me and not notice me.
All is for the sake of my love for you,
please forget me who is far away from you.

I wish to protect you forever.
This is the best I can, like a star.
Even though I cannot be close to you,
I will cast a light to you from afar, endlessly.
Like a star, I will love you forever.