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Selasa, April 28, 2009

Wedding bells for Shin-ae

Shin-ae, who recently announced her plans to get married to the lucky man studying in Seattle, has finally set the date. Wedding bells will be ringing for Shin-ae on May 28th at the ‘Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel’ in Seoul.

After her appearance on the show ‘We Got Married’, things seem to be working out better for her. In a recent interview she stated, “My father and mother are very happy about their only daughter’s marriage and I feel proud that I’ve been able to lighten their burden. My parents, who have been opposing my career as an actress, have finally officially granted me permission to pursue my career, so I feel that I will be an even happier bride. I will soon show my gratitude for my fans and viewers through a great drama/movie and acting”. Thanks to Alex, she’s already gotten more than enough practice in the married life. And practice makes perfect, right?


Shinae’s wedding date finally announced

I don’t know what else to say but wishing her all the happiness with her soon-to-be partner for life. Hopefully we’ll be able to at least see a bit of her wedding pictures though it seems that she intended to have a private wedding. Very Shinae’ish, very conservative indeed, but then again, I can imagine Shinae’s dad objecting to the idea of having a ‘public’ wedding. Would love to know if Alex will be attending or not, but I guess he has no choice to attend huh? (well unless he’s out of the country :P for example, in LA. Can’t attend. Sorry. Kbye. LOL)

Shinae, “Though I’m getting married, I’ll resume my activities”

Actress Shinae (27, real name Jo Shinae) finally announced her wedding date. Her private wedding will be on Thursday (weird day to get married) May 28, at Walkerhill Seoul, Aston House - GwangJangdong, Seoul.

According to her agency, “Since Shinae is an only child, her father is very pleased that she’s getting married.” and “Shinae will resume her activities as an actress after she got married, which makes her very happy.” Shinae said, “Thanks to all the fans for all the support, I’ll return to work soon.”

Her groom-to-be is a Korean student, currently studying in Seattle. He’s 2 years older than her, and they’ve started dating early this year. (I’m curious if he’s Korean-American or not, but so far, there’s no news about this.)

Shinae’s agency said, “Shinae’s boyfriend is very well aware about Shinae’s family. Their serious relationship has been arranged since the beginning of the year.”

Meanwhile, today April 25 at Jamsil Baseball Stadium, Shinae’s plan to attend the baseball game (Doosan and Hanwha) has been suspended due to rain. (Ah, shucks. No wonder there’s no picture about this lol)