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Ahad, April 05, 2009


how long will i have to wait for you to come?
the tears, the stains and my breath,
the many days we spent wint each other,
can it subsist?
in your strange gaze,
it was as cold as ice,
sometimes i hesitate but i want to sit,
everytime, always defending the day,
there is a small dream,

wishing on a star, to those stars above the clouds,
promise me that it won't be long,
if someone could listen to me,
whoever sees my happiness hanging,

sometimes, i made mistakes,
like my mind, it wasn't easy,
everytime, always defending the day,
that was my dream,

wanna be a star, to be in the skay like those stars,
the daylight will shine from that high place,
if someone would listen to my song,
that's when i will sing,

above, we won't cry gather the tears,
now i will try to laugh,
the road i go on, it's not easy, but
i'll make my way, i can do it
someday my dreams will come true

now i'm wishing on a star