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Khamis, Mei 28, 2009

Shin Ae Gets Married Twice in a Day

Although it was supposed to be a private and closed-door affair, the Korean paparazzis still managed to get a full report of Shin Ae's wedding, with some photos of her in her wedding dress, plus her non-celebrity, ahjussi lookalike boyfriend, husband, Park Jae Gwan (lucky bloke!). The biggest story coming out of Shin Ae's wedding was that she had actually gotten married twice in less than a day.

Shin Ae was scheduled to have her wedding ceremony at 6pm but at 1pm, Shin Ae apparently had another extra wedding ceremony which wasn't mentioned before. This additional wedding ceremony was specially catered for their relatives numbering about 200 from both families. The officiator of the wedding was actor Lee Deok Hwa (General Gang Gamchan in Iron Empress) while K.Will, No Brain and Big Mama sang the nuptial songs. Shin Ae was reportedly so touched and wept tears of happiness when K.Will was singing. Lee Deok Hwa and K.Will will also be doing the same thing at the 2nd session which will be graced by the presence from friends of Shin Ae and her groom.

With regards to having 2 wedding ceremonies, Shin Ae's management explained, "We decided to split it into 2 sessions because we realize that the venue (only 200 maximum) was too small to accomodate all the invited guests which exceeded more than 200. The afternoon session was for family and relatives while the evening session was for friends of the married couple. The newly-married couple will head to Jeju Island for their honeymoon and settle down in their new home at Bangbae-dong, Seoul on their return. Shin Ae will continue her entertainment career after her marriage as reported earlier.

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Gambar Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza di Sidang Media Konsert SATU

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ShinAe’s Message Before Her Wedding.

ni mesej yg dia letak sebelum dia kawen.kat cyworld-->ni macam facebook la...huhuhuh~~ ^___^..

ShinAe wrote on her feelings on her minihompy on the 21st of May.
She wrote “I’m really blessed to have you…I love you♡” which was changed from previously written “Now Smile”.

Shinae is a sparkling white bride

hu hu~~ ada lagi cerita pasal ShinAe ^____^

Shinae quietly tied the knot at an outdoor wedding this afternoon at the Aston House on the W Hotel property on May 28th. The weather today was absolutely perfect with a nice cool breeze. Wearing head-to-toe white (including the flowers), the 27 year old exchanged vows with a graduate student who is 2 years her senior.

Keeping the wedding low-key, only 250 guests were invited. Actor Lee Duk-hwa officiated and K-Will sang the congratulatory song, as is tradition at Korean weddings. Of course, the wedding dress is probably rented from an exclusive wedding shop in Cheongdamn.

Meet Shinae’s man, Park Jae Gwan

sukernyerrrrrrr..senyum panjang aku ni ^____^..akhirnya gambar dia dia paparkan rupernyer dia tak nak canangkan besar-besaran sebab korea skang ni kan tengah berkabung atas kematian bekas PM diaorg..huhuh..waaa~ omenyer dieeeeeee.....

Here she is! :)
Errr, sorry, but I like the dresses she wore with Alex on “WGM” better :P
And her hairdo….errr… >_>
But, yeap, yeap, as the title says, let’s meet this lucky guy, Shinae’s husband…
*yay for a name!* lol you dunno how happy I was to see some pictures after yesterday’s “NO PRESS CONFERENCE! NO PUBLIC EVENTS!” announcement. And after looking at these pictures,
he reminds me of what Shinae mentioned before… her ‘ideal man’ is someone like Kim Gura, the announcer/host. A little on the ‘chubbier’ side, ahjussi-style. And oh boy, what a perfect match she has found in him! XD.
May Bride Shinae, looking more beautiful than flowers…

Shinae’s wedding held earlier today, May 28 at 1pm in Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul. Her bride, Park Jae Gwan is 2 years older than her, a foreign graduate student from Seattle, Washington.
Only 250 guests attended her private wedding, which some of them are Shinae’s co-stars from KBS2 “Empress Cheonchu”. Also among them, group singers BigMama and the amazing voice, K.Will attended the wedding and performed songs for the happy couple.

The two of them will spend their 2-3 days honeymoon in Jeju island. And as she keeps on saying from the beginning, she’ll resume her entertaiment activites even after the wedding.

Congratulations, Shinae!Hm, no mention of Alex on the guestlist, but I’m pretty sure he came. Oh dear~ *gloomy*

Btw, need to clear something up. Looks like Shinae wanted this to be a closed, private wedding because the whole country is still in mourning period for ex-President Roh Moo Hyun. Therefore, she decided not to have a press conference, nor the photo session for her guestlist. (Shucks for us). Now that I can understand her reason, though it’s still sucks for us, I wish her all the happiness in the world! Park Jae Gwan-ssi, you’re one lucky man, dude!

Shinae wants a (very) private wedding

kenapa?kenapa?kenapa? T______T..sedeynyer dia nak private kan majlis dia...~ dah la nak dapat kan citer dia punyer la susah..huhuh hari ni la dia kawen...mesti cantik..huhuh aku nak gambar kawen dia.. T______T ...

Shinae wants to have a very quiet and private wedding, NO press conference, NO public events!

(I didn’t make up the title, the article did.)

Actress Shinae (real name Jo Shinae) will have her quiet and private wedding on May 28 at 6pm in Gwangjangdong, Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. And this special event, she has decided not to have a press conference. This means no photo sessions of her guests either.

Earlier this year, she met with her husband-to-be, and after about 3 months dating, they decided to get married. The wedding will be held within a very special close-friends of hers only, as well as her family. A few weeks ago, on May 14, she posted on her cyworld, “I’m so happy… I love you.”

Shinae also mentioned that as the only daughter, her family is so happy to see her getting married. And she also mentioned that she’s happy to be able to relieve the burden of her parents (by getting married, is considered a filial duty as a daughter).And she also explained how she plans to resume her entertainment activities afterwards.