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Isnin, Mei 25, 2009

Wonder Girls know how to speak English

Who knew it could happen?

For NY1, which is a 24 hour news web channel for New York, one of their veteran reporters Lewis Dodley interviewed the Wondergirls completely in English about their experiences and their musical ambitions in America. The interview itself talks about nothing too special, except the confirmation that they have finished recording the English version of their Korean hit, “Nobody”.

What is really amazing about the interview is listening to the Wondergirls speak in English.

For being the leader, Sun-ye doesn’t really talk as much as she could, but her English is the weakest out of the girls and shows an obvious accent. Sun-mi is quite good, and so is So-hee, but she seems more comfortable using colloquial American words like “throwback.” Even though her English is good for being the rapper, Yoo-bin doesn’t talk as much as she could. Ye-eun just blows everyone else out of the water because her English is extremely comfortable and eloquent for someone who hasn’t been learning English for a long time now. All their time in America must be filled with cramming English down their throats.

The Wondergirls’ English skills are much better than say BoA, who is touted more as the one with the most potential for an American breakthrough.

Hearing them speak adequate English, does it relieve some concerns about their American debut?


“Winter Sonata” couple reunites

Nope, it’s not for a movie nor drama.

But I bet “Winter Sonata” fans all over Asia would love to have these two together again in a project even if it’s just for an animation version of the 2002 Hallyu drama, “Winter Sonata”. I don’t get the hype about this drama, so,… yeah, go figure.

After 7 years, there we go again.
“Winter Sonata” couple reunites once again~

Bae Yong Joon - Choi Ji Woo, working together for ‘Winter Sonata’ dubbing

Hallyu starts Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo are coming back after 7 years. They’re both dubbing for the 2002 “Winter Sonata” animation remake. The drama first aired in 2002.

This animation version is produced by the Digital Adventure (DA) together with the ‘Winter Sonata’ production. The two main characters, played by Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo are also being reproduce. Therefore, both of them will also participate in dubbing for Jun Sang and Yoo Jin’s voices for the anime version.

Last March, Tokyo International Anime Fair has an exclusive booth and announced that “Winter Sonata” anime version is under production and it’ll air to schedule in Fall.