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Isnin, Januari 25, 2010

Like a child

when u hugged me
as u say u love me,
i have confidently said
that i ask for no more,
i am ashamed
with my growing greediness,
i feel my stumbling heart
as i think about u all day long,
i am jealousy (as a child )
i am frightened (as a silly kid)
i can't even believe
to ses u smilling next to me,
since i'm to happy,
since i'm too joyful,
i can't even go to sleep
because u might go away.
i would like to give u all
i would like to receive your heart
i want to share everything
as others does
with my small mind,
i am afraid to mess up everything
u made me smile (as a child)
u made me cry (as a silly kid)
u enabled me to get this feeling
one more time in my lifetime
u made me trust,
u made me lay down on u
as i open my eyes,
i say to u again. THANK YOU
u came to me,
u made me dream again.
o love u sweetheart,
who gave me a gift called...

-subtitle by libby-

*aku memang jatuh cinta ngan lagu nih.......*