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Selasa, April 07, 2009

saying i love you ^^

you'd always ask me,
how come you never say i love you,
do you really love me,
but you know,
i wanted something sweeter,
i want to confess to you just like those lovers from movies,
so that you won't forget,
i've waited for the white snow,
i'll confess to you now, the words i've held back,

i love you,
your smile brighter than sunset,
your two hands that embraced me,
i love you, i love you,
i promise that i will never leave you,
i will always tell it to you face-to-face,

you ask me what's there to hesitate about
it is hard
i want to hear what you got to say
but you know
i wanted something more special
i want a special day i can always remember
so that it won't pass forgotten

i don't want to separate with you
not even a single moment
when i lean on you, i hope the time will stop

i love you,loving you